better than bridal: guest books

You know us, we like things a little different.  So when we stumbled upon these creative ideas for wedding guest books, we knew we had to share.  Take a peek at what we found.

Wedding Puzzle Guest Book by Bella Puzzles

Tag guest book tree via Elizabeth Anne Designs.

Fingerprint guest book "tree" by Bleu de Toi

Better Than Bridal: The Rock

For today's Better Than Bridal post, we are taking a look at some unique alternatives to diamond wedding rings.  Don't get us wrong, we love us a nice rock, but these sweet rings make us rethink the traditional diamond.  Perhaps it will inspire you, as well.

1. This rough cut black diamond ring is drop dead gorgeous, with a little bit of bad ass thrown in. Ring by Melissa Joy Manning / 2. Yes, it's a diamond solitaire, but the setting is so gorgeous, how could you say no? Ring by Kate Szabone.

1. Wow.  Just wow.  Ring by Janish Jewels. / 2. What's better than one diamond?  Oh, that's right.  Three diamonds.  Ring by Janish Jewels.

1. The sweetest thing about this set is not the champagne diamond (although it is fab!), but the wedding band in the shape of a little twig.  Rings by Sarah Hood. / 2. Platinum? Check.  Multiple diamonds? Check.  Three bands.  Oh yes.  Stacking rings by Single B Beautiful.

1.  This ring reminds me of the promise ring I had in high school.  I love it's simplicity and the fact that it so obviously says, "I am diamond-free and proud of it!".  And, really, who could resist that tiny heart?  Ring by Contagious. / 2. If I got married all over again, I would want this ring.  Sleek, simple, and would remind me of the reason to get married every time I looked at it.  That would be love, people.  Perfection.  Ring by Zahour.

For the dudes! 1. We love the idea of a fingerprint engraving on the inside of his band instead of text.  Subtle and utterly personal.  Ring by Chris Parry. / 2. Wood and metal.  What could be more masculine?  Ring by Jewelry by Johan.