Delovely D.I.Y.: Paper Chains

Don't let memories of pre-school construction paper and sticky paste deter you! We love the idea of a "grown-up" paper chain and think they're such a fun (and inexpensive!) way to apply color and texture to your wedding. Drape a few casually in the trees at an outdoor rehearsal dinner or reception, or hand them vertically en masse as a stunning backdrop for a dessert bar or photo booth wall. The possibilities are endless! We particularly like the idea of using double-sided scrapbook paper for an extra pop of color. Grab your bridesmaids and your glue sticks, whip up a few cocktails, and make it a party!

image credits: left/right
How about swapping in a paper chain in areas like these? Create a stunning paper backdrop for your beverage bar or perhaps recreate this ceiling focal point as a gorgeous "chandelier" over the head table at your reception with paper chains, poms, and paper lanterns.

Image credits: left/right