artistic inspiration: camping

As epitomized by the photos below, camping-themed weddings are fun, relaxed, and nostalgic. Surrounded by the great outdoors, you can intrigue your guests with a campfire, design make-your-own-s'mores-kits as party favors, remind everyone of the happy camping days of their childhood, and provide a romantic evening under the stars.

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artistic inspiration: bunting

Bunting is super-in right now for a couple of reasons. First, it is an easy, low-cost d.i.y. project. Second, it can be used over and over again. Third, bunting can spruce up any plain ceiling, bare overhang, or drab dessert table. And finally, as you can see from these images, bunting can come in any shape, color, size, or material. Be creative while keeping your budget in check, creating a wedding keepsake, and sprucing up your venue.

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artistic inspiration: lemons

Today we're featuring an artistic inspiration spotlighting by this tangy fruit. Incorporate these little guys into your spring or summer soiree - they're sure to add a burst of color, hint of texture, and zing of flavor.

Okay, what really inspired this post was this cake with the lemon toppers. How cute are those?!

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artistic inspiration: provence

Today, we're taking a little trip across the pond and drawing inspiration from the Provence region in France. We think it would be delightful to see the colors, textures, and food from this region translated into a casual, rustic wedding. Start with an outdoor venue, mix in a vintage dress, add romantic flowers and bunches of lavender, sprinkle in rustic elements like vintage cafe chairs and milk bottles, toss in a fabulously rustic feast complete with figs, cheese, and crusty bread, and finish the whole thing off with gorgeous trays of macaroons. Um, to the bride who throws this fête? We'd like an invitation, thanks.

Draw a little color inspiration from Provence! Olive green, fig purple, lavender, sage green, and cream pull together the look and feel of the French countryside.

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