delovely d.i.y.: fabric hoops

These fun and simple fabric hoops make us swoon. How lovely these would be hanging from a reception hall ceiling, acting as a backdrop for the dessert table, or sprucing up a bare wall.

  • Hoops, different sizes (6"-24")
  • Multiple cotton fabrics, at least 1/2 yard of each
  • Scissors
  • Fishing line or ribbon (for hanging and/or accent)
  • Unscrew embroidery hoops into two separate pieces and lay the bottom hoop (the one without the tightener on it) on the table.
  • Lay fabric over bottom hoop, positioning it to maximize fabric and pull as flat across as you can.
  • Push top hoop over bottom hoop to sandwich the fabric, and the fabric should pull tighter as you do this.
  • Pull fabric taut as you tightener the hoops together.
  • Embellish with ribbon at the fastener and suspend at desired height with fishing line or ribbon!
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